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Lab Portfolio

Driven by our core mission in tackling global and local public health issues, our work highlights the practical and applicable real-world public health experience of our lab members. Utilizing an applied approach to problem-solving, we support and collaborate with various organizations in achieving their public health goals, striving to make a difference in people's lives. 

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Collaborating to develop innovative, systems-based competencies to apply needs-driven, equitable solutions for sustainable global public health development.

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Guided by the pillars of AGPHI, the variety of projects drives change, supports, and helps facilitate the missions of our partnerships with external organizations.    

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Research Methods and Deliverables

Utilizing evidence-based public health methods, such as quantitative and qualitative data collection and analyses, public health surveillance, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses, we are able to accomplish completing a variety of deliverables for each project.     

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Events and Newsletters

 Connecting current AGPHI lab members and alumni with ongoing projects, updates, and other significant events in the efforts to bridge information and strengthen our communication and relationship with one another. 

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