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Ongoing Projects

AGPHI collaborates with various local, national, and international organizations on projects ranging from literature reviews to full-scale community needs assessments. If you or your organization are interested in working with our research lab on an existing or new project, please email us at

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AFYA partners with hospitals and organizations, collecting, repairing, and shipping discarded medical supplies to international organizations, hospitals, and clinics world-wide. The team is working to create an ethical waste mapping report by strategically mapping potential opportunities for sourcing specific medical supplies within the national and global medical supply chain.

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Sofia Jenssen

Haya Srour

Team Leads

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 Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

The Latin American and Caribbean region has been grappling with a multitude of challenges, including natural disasters, migration, and forced displacement. These crises have disproportionately impacted adolescent youth, particularly in the area of sexual and reproductive health.

The team provides directions and guidance on how climate change affects adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health access.

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Silvia Peñate

Team Lead

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Mycetoma Surveillance and Control 

Drawing from a pool of mycetoma literature, surveillance protocols, and control evidence base generated by the Mycetoma Research Centre and members of the WHO Global Mycetoma Working Group, this project aims to provide a succinct, actionable set of mycetoma surveillance and control recommendations nested within Ethiopia's existing community health and neglected tropical disease (NTD) priorities. Working closely with Arba Minch University and AGPHI alumni Ezra Jerome, who helped develop the mycetoma surveillance application. 

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Oyinkansola Babayode

Natalia De La Vina

Team Lead

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BORN Foundation

This project works in partnership to implement, evaluate and compare the BORN (Birth Oximetry Routine for Newborns) in different countries. This project will rely heavily on data analysis and interpretation as well as biostatistics.

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Sophia Friedmann

Team Lead

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Mental Health Initiative

This project focuses on the prevalence of serious mental illness in homeless individuals located in Portland, Oregon. The team is analyzing data gathered from over 200 individuals in the area to identify existing and new barriers the population faces in accessing mental health treatment. The team will work with our partner, Katherine Lindsay, to formulate policy recommendations indicated by study results.

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Angeli Magdaraog

Team Lead

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Climate-Related Food Security Project

The team is working on a systems thinking project surrounding food security and migration issues in southern Madagascar. The first phase of our project involved creating a systems map based on available research and grey literature. The project's second phase will be a qualitative study done in food-insecure regions of southern Madagascar to gain an on-the-ground perspective of the issues communities face. Participants will be asked to draw
systems maps depicting their personal experience with food security and migration. The data will be aggregated to create a composite systems map that can be used as a model to guide further research or interventions. They are currently working with the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office of Madagascar to develop a study protocol to

submit to the IRB as well.

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Emily Zambiazzi

Liz Carr

Team Leads

Climate Change Banners

Climate Change Task Force

This task force was created to address issues surrounding environmental and climate justice locally, nationally, and hopefully around the world. The CCTF has worked on projects such as the “BUG” project which aims to build greener underpass areas within the neighborhood of Hunts Point in NYC in partnership with sustainability-driven environmental design firms and organizations. They are currently working on a literature review on the intersection of climate change and wastepicking.

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Ashlynn McCool

Indeep Janda

Team Leads


Haiti Relief Team

Formally known as the Haitian Helping Angels Project, the team is now making progress toward writing a scoping review on NGO accountability in resource-constrained settings within low-income countries, such as Haiti as a setting. Dr. Emmanuel Peprah is serving as a faculty mentor and other deliverables include a commentary piece on the imperativeness to improve downward NGO accountability mechanisms and ensuring that these mechanisms incorporate decolonization methodologies. 

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Callie Seaman

Elizabeth Noble

Team Leads

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