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Collaborating to develop innovative, systems-based competencies to apply needs-driven, equitable solutions for sustainable global public health development.

The Applied Global Public Health Initiative (AGPHI) is a student run, service-based initiative working to create better health circumstances in New York City and beyond through collaborating with outside organizations to find innovative solutions to public health problems.


Comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, this lab is overseen by Dr. Chris Dickey and focuses on project-based global public health research in partnership with industry sponsors and frequently hosts renowned guest speakers to discuss creative solutions to public health issues around the world. In working with small, up-and-coming NGOs to ministries of health to larger UN agencies, the lab seeks to develop and nurture applicable, thoughtful and practical skills for our future careers. In doing so, we work to expand our understanding of what it means to be public health practitioners. Overarching research initiatives focus on global public health challenges that require an applied approach to problem solving. During our weekly meetings, we function like a “think tank” as we work together to troubleshoot roadblocks, exchange ideas, and discuss opportunities for growth on our various projects.


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